What Happens When A Dog Eats Chocolate?

What happens if your dog consumed a extremely large amount of chocolate. Could this hurt her? If so, what should or could be done when this happens?
Chocolate can be very dangerous to dogs. It can also be harmless. It’s unpredictable. Here is how it works: Chocolate contains a chemical called methylxanthine that is eliminated by the dog’s liver. Some can handle it; others can’t. If your dog’s liver is not built for chocolate, she can have convulsions and die due to severe liver damage. A dog suspected of having eaten chocolate should have vomiting induced. This is best followed by rinsing of the stomach by a veterinarian.
What if your dog has had chocolate in small amounts from time to time without a problem? Can you assume that she’ll always do fine with it? Again, we can’t predict, but we can say that if your dog has a known liver problem, you are taking a major risk by letting her have chocolate.
Remember that most (if not all) dogs are chow hounds. They are eating machines. No matter how well trained, they are not to be trusted with food. Protect their health by providing only excellent dog food in measured meals. If goodies like chocolate may be accessible, remember Murphy’s law: Any chocolate that can go wrong, will.