3 Simple Steps To Cleaning Your Dog’s Face

Routine grooming serves three major purposes: First, it keeps your dog’s skin, coat, teeth, gums, and nails in a healthy state. Second, it helps you detect any signs or symptoms of problems or abnormalities. Third, grooming allows you to spend quality time with your pet which helps create a special bond between you and your dog. It is therefore important to establish a daily or weekly grooming ritual that both you and your dog can enjoy. If your dog refuses to be groomed, command him to sit and stay. In addition, grooming should always involve a reward for your dog.
Below are 3 simple steps to properly clean your dog’s face:
1. Gently wash the skin around the eyes using a fresh piece of moistened cotton for each one. If you notice any discharge or inflammation, contact a vet for advice.
2. Hold open the ear with one hand and gently clean inside the flap with a small piece of moistened cotton. Use a fresh piece for each ear. Do not probe too deeply into the ear canal.
3. Loose facial skin must be cleaned regularly with damp cotton. This prevents dirt, dead skin, and bacteria from collecting in the folds and causing irritation and infection.