Texas dog surrendered to animal shelter is unrecognizable as a dog (Photos)

This 14-year-old apricot poodle, named “Ginger,” was surrendered to the facility on Wednesday by an owner who wanted the dog to “have a better home.”By the looks of Ginger, she had never been groomed in all of her 14 years of life.Shortly after arriving to the shelter, she was given a life-saving shave. The employees at the facility note that Ginger now has a bounce in her step and that she is very friendly.Undoubtedly, she feels immeasurably better following the removal of the confining, matted fur that hindered her mobility and left her, at the very least, horribly 

Ginger is now up for adoption. She will likely need extensive dental work as her mouth has also been neglected for years as 

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