Meet Gladys, Another Pit Bull Hero!

On a cold March day in Rhode Island, Gladys, a beloved member of the MacNaught-Stahl family was going about her business unaware that by days end she would be a hero.

While outside the family home enjoying the afternoon Gladys alerted eight year old Ezekiel she had found something. She led him to a tiny baby bunny and began gently nudging the helpless creature with her nose. Ezekiel in turn informed his father Eli of Gladys’ discovery and fearing the bunny was orphaned brought the lone tiny rabbit inside the house out of the cold. When mom Heather arrived home she asked Gladys to show them where the bunny came from. Without hesitation Gladys led the family directly to the out of the way nest in their yard where there were three more tiny baby bunnies.
Quickly, wanting to do right by the bunnies, the family contacted a local wildlife rescuer who came to pick up the four baby bunnies. Upon examination the rescuer believed them to be about one week old. Gladys watched intently as the rescuer removed the bunnies, put them into a container and left. Gladys then ran over to the empty nest where she laid for the next few hours. She seemed a bit sad so four year old Israel thoughtfully sat with her for a bit.
The wild life rescuer soon contacted the family to let them know that while two of the bunnies passed away, two were thriving. She offered to bring the two very healthy bunnies back to see Gladys – and needless to say, Gladys was ecstatic upon their arrival. She was very excited to get close to them and see for herself that they were in fact doing well.
There is a saying within the rescue community, “Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal”. And it is true. As it happened, the day following the bunnies’ rescue there was a huge snowstorm. The bunnies, being so little and all alone, would have certainly died if it were not for Gladys’ gentle touch and loving nature. These bunnies will soon be released into the wild once old enough. It is all thanks to Gladys the pit bull who once again is breaking stereotypes and dispelling the myths that dogs of her breed are inherently aggressive and vicious.
We love you Gladys!

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