Michigan pit bull saves neighbors from house fire

On Friday afternoon, while Joe Andrews was resting inside of his house on W. Washington St., in Ionia, Mich., a potentially deadly fire was spreading on the front porch of the structure.According to Friday’s publication of the Ionia Sentinel, though Andrews was unaware of the looming danger, there was one neighbor who was keenly aware of the deadly flames and she took it upon herself to summons help.That hero is named Abby and she is a pit bull who belongs to Vernon Lile, Joe Andrews’ next door neighbor.According to Lile, Abby is normally a quiet dog, but on Friday, she would not stop barking.

Lile stated:

“She’s never barked like that before,”
“I came outside and saw the porch was on fire. I grabbed buckets and trash cans to try to put out the flames.”

Abby’s non-stop barking efforts allowed Andrews, and the other residents inside of the burning structure, to escape from the burning house in time.
Lile knows that Abby’s efforts were special, stating:
Pit bulls get a lot of bad press, but if it wasn’t for (Abby’s) barking, I don’t think I would have come outside,”
“She’s a good girl. She’ll get a special treat tonight.”

The cause and origin of Friday’s fire are under investigation.