Pit Bulls Will They Be Here in the Future?

History tells us that Pit Bulls lived a violent past for the most part. However, what history doesn't share with you is the millions of Pit Bulls that lived normal, every day lives on farms and in the houses of their loving owners.
Many people used them for dog fighting, bull baiting, and other purposes the majority of the dogs spent their lives help out farmers, watching the kids, and making sure the homestead was safe.

The media, the HSUS, the ASPCA, and other organizations do not want you to see Pit Bulls as faithful family companies. Rather they paint a picture of totured fighting dogs with no hope except through donations given to these organizations or reporting your neighbor who happens to have more than one Pit Bull in their yard.
Just like in the past, some people today still use these dogs for illegal and immoral reasons but the majority of us love our dogs like family and they spend their days by our side and on our couches.
Over the past decade I have watched as Pit Bulls have started to become the poster breed used by "humane" organizations to further their causes and frankly it is disgusting. While I won't get into it, the Humane Society of the United States is by far the worst user.

Every chance they get to push their anti-dog fighting message to the world is a chance they can ask you to fork over $19 per month to "help dogs" when in fact less than two dollars a year of that money goes to any sort of shelter or rescue dog program.
What really scares me is the future of our dogs. Bright would not be a word I would use to describe the Pit Bulls future in our society.

From Bull Baiting to Dog Fighting to Your Home to the Shelter to the Rainbow Bridge

Pit Bulls have been used for all sorts of work and "sport" by people over the centuries. From bull baiting to dog fighting to helping the farmer catch a run away bull these dogs are majestic in their ability to cope with our stupidity and they display a level of tolerance that I only wish I could grasp.
As I write this Pit Bulls around the world are being hunted down, taken to shelters, and killed. For what? Because they attacked someone and harmed them? Maybe a few (very few). No, the majority of Pit Bulls being hunted and put to sleep did nothing wrong. Their incredible crime is that they look a certain way, I find it amazing that in our rational thinking evolved society appearance is enough reason to kill a dog.
Those who support bans and putting Pit Bulls to sleep because of the way they look are no better than the dog fighters or the sick people in our society that torture and kill animals for fun.
What Does the Future Hold for Pit
Early I said I wouldn't use the word, "bright" to describe the future. I stick to that statement. Sites like Cutepits.com and other sites related to Pit Bulls do great things for these dogs but it's not enough.
Until we get people in decision making positions that have common sense, do not sway to public fear, and have a set of morals that are unshakable we're rolling a 50 ton ball up an 80 degree hill.
Every single person involved with Pit Bulls is responsible for making a change. That includes you. It starts in your area and it starts with your dog.
Make no mistake my friend, you may be thinking it can never happen to you or your dog but there are thousands of people who once thought that way now mourning the loss of their best friend and loyal canine companion.

Action is required. How do you get started? Simple. Open your mouth and tell the truth. Take your dog(s) out in public and lead by example. Show the general public that Pit Bulls are outstanding dogs that deserve our respect and our protection. Not our hatered and prejudice.

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